La Vecchia Scuola

Vegan Menu

The La Vecchia Scuola Vegan menu offers a tantalizing selection of dishes that combine flavour, texture, and colour in perfect harmony


Mouth-wateringly delicious, our marinated Nocellara olives are an appetizing and

irresistible beginning to any meal. The olives are marinated to perfection with a mix of

herbs and spices, creating a flavour that excites the palate. Perfect as a pre-starter or as

a side dish, our marinated Nocellara olives are sure to be a hit £5.95

This tantalizing selection of homemade breads is a perfect way to start your meal. Freshly

baked with the finest ingredients, each bite will be bursting with flavour. Served with our

signature balsamic oil, this selection of breads will excite your taste buds and satisfy your

hunger. Enjoy this delicious pre starter for just £6.95


Arancini al Tartufo is a delectable combination of flavours. Bite-sized arancini filled with

vegan mozzarella, mushrooms, and tartufo are served with a rich Napoli sauce and

topped with crispy oyster mushrooms. The delicate pea puree provides a pop of colour

and a subtle sweetness, perfectly balancing the earthy flavour of the tartufo. This

sophisticated yet playful dish is sure to be a favourite for vegan and non-vegan alike £8.95


Soup alla Vecchia is an essential part of any traditional Italian dining experience. Creamy

leeks and potatoes are simmered with earthy marjoram and rosemary, creating an

intensely flavourful soup. The velvety richness of the broth is balanced with a crunchy

crostini made with black raisins and walnuts, adding an additional layer of texture and

flavour. Soup alla Vecchia is a must-try for any vegetarian or vegan diner £7.95


Polenta offers a perfect balance of earthy and sweet flavours. The crispy polenta is

coupled with a medley of escarole, raisins, and minted pea puree to create a tantalizing

texture contrast. The dish is finished with an spring-inspired touch of pumpkin marmalade

for a hint of sweetness that completes the perfect contrast of flavours £7.95

Main Courses

An irresistible vegan Fusilli Carbonara that features Fusilli pasta cooked perfectly in a
vegan creamy sauce made with oyster mushrooms, red onion and artichokes. Crispy
oyster mushrooms add the perfect crunch for this delicious dish £14. 95

Indulge in the exquisite flavours of this vegan risotto tartufo, with a blend of truffle and
mushrooms in a creamy risotto, topped with fresh pea shoots and crispy oyster
mushrooms £15.95

Enjoy this exquisite vegan dish, featuring ravioli filled with fresh vegetables and chickpeas
cooked in a rich basil tomato sauce, finished with a touch of balsamic rocket. Try this
delicious Girassoli for just £15. 95.

For a light and balanced meal, try this vegan Insalata with fresh spinach, beetroot, pomegranate, and green soybeans £11. 95.


Indulge in a decadent vegan cheesecake, topped with a fresh and fruity mixed

berries salad. A perfect sweet finish to your meal £8.95


Vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding a vegan twist on a classic British dessert, this sticky

toffee pudding is made with a blend of vegan-friendly ingredients and is

sweetened with dates, molasses, and brown sugar. It comes served with vegan

vanilla ice cream and topped with a rich toffee sauce £7.95


The Sorbet Trio is an exquisite selection of delicate and zesty sorbets. It includes

passion fruit, blood orange and lemon sorbets – each one providing a unique

flavour and texture. Enjoy this light and flavourful dessert, perfect for any occasion £7.95