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March 2023


Antipastini / Pre-Starters

Antipasti / Starter

Pasta / Risotto

Piatto principale / Main Courses



Pizza fatta in casa

We are proud to be Petra Flour Partners

Petra is a 100% soft wheat flour from climatic selection, stone-ground with the innovative augmented stone milling process for a perfect optical selection of wheat and controlled sieving and calibration in the most advanced industrial milling plant in Italy. A more complete flour source of noble fibers and with a balanced content of the different parts of the grain.

Insalata / Salads

Contorno / Sides


Roasted new potatoes, grilled broccoli steams, honey mustard pecorino rocket, crushed potatoes,

mixed salad, soy beans, truffle grana padano chips, house chips, fried polenta with lemon mayo