Main menu

Tasteful Main menu

Pre Starters

Bruschetta pomodoro (V)
Marinated tomato with garlic, basil and olive oil topped with rocket
Bruschetta salmon
Crostini topped with marinated tomato, smoked salmon and spring onions
Garlic pizza bread with tomato (V)
add cheese £1.50
Homemade bread (V)
Bread three ways (grilled, garlic and fresh) with butter and balsamic oil
Vecchia’s marinated olives (V)(Ve)


Antipasto alla vecchia
Selection of cured meats served with piquillo peppers, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, and garlic pizza bread – to share £15.95
Gamberoni mari e monti
Pan fried king prawns with chorizo finished in arrabbiata sauce served with garlic pizza bread
Funghi di bosco (V)
Creamy garlic mushrooms combining porcini, button and oyster mushrooms served with homemade bread
Patè di fegatini di pollo
Home made chicken liver pate served with grilled bread, gherkins, red onion marmalade and crispy bacon crumbs
Formaggio di parma
Grilled goats cheese with parma ham, apple glazed croutons, salad and red onion marmalade
Maiale smaltato
Crispy pork belly glazed in honey apple cider sauce topped with parsnip crisps
Calamari con zucchine
Lightly floured squid rings and courgette crisps served with tartare sauce
Cozze a piacere
Fresh mussels cooked in a white wine, caper and garlic sauce finished with your choice of cream or tomato and fresh bread
Soup of the day (V)
Homemade soup of the day (please ask for details)

Char Grill

Suprema di pollo
Supreme of chicken supreme served with cream of porcini mushroom sauce, grilled asparagus, buttered crushed potatoes and crispy oyster mushrooms
Costata di manzo
Perfectly matured 10oz ribeye steak, our favourite cut, its generous marble make this steak the most succulent of all, best enjoyed pink for its tenderness. We serve it with roasted cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, chips and peppercorn sauce (add king prawns skewer £5)
Filetto di manzo
8oz fillet steak aged to perfection served with potato cake wrapped in parma ham, asparagus, crispy peppered onions and red wine shallot sauce (add king prawns skewer £5)
Duo di agnelo
Lamb cutlets and slow roasted lamb shoulder roulade with parma ham wrapped potato cake, charred vegetables, red wine and shallots sauce, minted pea puree and crispy oyster mushrooms
Branzino zafferano
Pan seared sea bass finished in saffron sauce served with grilled asparagus and crushed potatoes
Grigliata mista
Combination of sirloin, lamb cutlets, chicken breast and chorizo served with roasted new potatoes, crispy peppered onions and red wine jus
Tonno alla griglia
Grilled tuna steak cooked pink or well done on a bed of roasted new potatoes, grilled courgettes and balsamic roasted cherry tomatoes dressed with lemon butter sauce
Grigliata verdure
Combination of char grilled asparagus, aubergines, courgettes, mushrooms and new potatoes served with a lemon, caper, black olives and cherry tomato sauce

Pasta & Risotto

Tagliatelle carbonara
Pan fried pancetta finished in a creamy parmesan sauce topped with lightly poached egg yolk and grana padano shavings
Spaghetti napoletana (V) (Ve)
Pan roasted cherry tomato and garlic finished in our Napoli sauce tossed with spaghetti topped with balsamic rocket
Tagliatelle alfredo
Pan fried chicken and mushrooms finished in a creamy garlic sauce topped with crispy oyster mushrooms
Spaghetti amatriciana
Pan fried pancetta with red onions, chill and cherry tomato sauce tossed with spaghetti pasta
Linguine allo scoglio
Combination of king prawns, squid, clams and mussels cooked in a rich tomato sauce tossed with linguini pasta
Penne mare e monti
Pan roasted king prawns and chorizo finished in a spicy arrabbiata sauce tossed with penne pasta
Lasagne al forno
Home made lasagne served with pizza garlic bread and balsamic rocket
Ravioli di aragosta
Risotto cooked in a creamy pancetta, chicken and porcini mushroom sauce
Risotto zaferano (V)
Creamy saffron asparagus and peas risotto with a fresh squeeze of lemon


Regina margherita (V)
Classic with tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella (vegan cheese available) topped with basil
Tomato and mozzarella based pizza topped with ham mushrooms and artichokes
Pepperoni mascarpone
Tomato and mozzarella based with mascarpone and pepperoni
Di capra
Tomato and mozzarella topped with spinach goats cheese and onion marmalade
Misto di carne
Tomato and mozzarella with chorizo, pepperoni, chicken, pancetta and bolognese sauce
Bianca di maiale
White pizza with bechamel sauce, mozzarella, belly of pork, tuscan sausage, rocket and grana padano
Calzone diavola
Folded pizza filled with mozzarella, chicken, chorizo and pepperoni ragu topped with parma ham and side of baked mascarpone cheese
Calzone capotana (V)(Ve)
Folded pizza filled with grilled vegetables ragu and mozzarella (vegan cheese available) served with Napoli sauce
Gamberoni Bianca
Herby garlic tomato and fresh mozzarella topped with chorizo, king prawns, piquillo peppers and spring onions
Al orto (V)
Tomato and mozzarella (vegan cheese available) based pizza topped with sun-dried tomatoes and grilled courgettes


Caesar salad
Classic salad with chicken, romaine lettuce,Caesar dressing, croutons and grana padano shavings
Insalata di parma
Goats cheese salad with red onion marmalade, piquillo peppers, apple dressed croutons, parma ham and asparagus
Grilled tuna nicoise
Fresh tuna cooked pink or well done served on a bed of new potatoes, green beans, egg, tomato,black olives, baby gems and red onions dress with lemon butter

Side orders


Mixed salad – Rocket salad — Tomato and red onions salad – Charred vegetables – Roasted new potatoes – Crispy peppered onions – courgette crisps – House chips – Crushed potatoes – Grilled mushrooms – Caprese salad (tomato, mozzarella and basil)

Bambini (Children menu)


Any pizza or any pasta at smaller portion with drink included (Drinks included; soft drinks draft, apple juice, orange juice, pineapple juice or cranberry juice)

Notes: If you have any allergies , intolerances or any special dietary requirement please let us know
An optional 10% service charge will be added to tables of 7 or more
(V) – vegetarian (Ve) – vegan