A Tribute to Sinatra 

Our live music events are always popular we’re proud to present Phil Fryer in a tribute to the legendary Frank Sinatra and the classic crooners. 
Phil also mixes into his show some other great singers like: Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Nat King Cole. 
Yorkshire born Phil has gone from strength to strength, from singing in local pubs to singing in top hotels around the world, celebrity events, TV adverts and his own TV documentary – Just To Be Frank. 
Don’t miss the opportunity to see Phil at La Vecchia Scuola. 
We offer a show stopping deal - 3 Course Dinner – only £39.95 
Please get in touch and book early to reserve your table. 

Upcoming Dates 

15th March 2017 
12th April 2017 
17th May 2017 
14th June 2017 
19th July 2017 
16th August 2017 
13th September 2017 
11th October 2017 
15th November 2017 
13th december 2017 


Michaela plays piano at La Vecchia Scuola Ristorante on Saturdays between 7 - 10.30 pm. 
Michaela is classically trained pianist based in York but originally from Slovakia. She works as a pianist at various private and cultural events in the UK; However she performs in other European cities such as Prague or Bratislava. She teaches piano to a wide variety of pupils and students interested in classical, contemporary and popular music. She accompanies singers and composes herself. Her repertoire consists of: Chopin, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Gershwin, Glass, Nyman, jazz standards and her own pieces. 
If you would like to book her musical services, contact her via her website or email: